I've worked with Pluris on local estate and gift tax appraisal matters several times now, and I could not be happier with their service.

Victoria Kaempf
Lakin Spears, LLP

Hedge Funds


Portfolio valuation has emerged as a key operational risk for hedge funds. In addition, the asymmetric structure of incentive fees is a source of conflict between the interests of managers and investors, particularly as it comes to valuation. As a result, hedge fund investors are increasingly demanding independent valuations of fund assets.

Pluris works with hedge funds that invest in illiquid securities or assets, whether part of their "core" strategy or as an addition to a more liquid (level I) portfolio. Hedge fund managers value our independent, well-researched valuations as an element in their own valuation process.

In addition, hedge fund managers look to Pluris for help valuing their own business interests in the fund, management company, the fund GP, or carry points. These valuations form the basis for tax and estate planning transactions.