Pluris offers our clients an excellent independent source of valuations for embedded derivatives, convertible preferred, and warrants.

Mike Boswell
TriPoint Capital Advisors, LLC

Private Equity and Venture Funds


Private equity funds, whether buyout or venture funds, generally require significantly greater valuation discounts from the net asset value (NAV) than hedge funds. There is significant secondary market trading in PE fund limited partner interests, including funds with varying degrees of capital calls remaining to be made. Pluris provides PE fund LP valuations for investors in a wide range of situations and relies on the best available research in each case. With our proprietary trading data in private equity fund limited partner interests in LiquiStat, Pluris Valuation Advisors has access to a source of real-world "fair market" valuation discounts unparallelled in the valuation industry.

Pluris also provides valuations of the promoted, or "carried interest" typically held by the general partner of the fund. The GP carry value is valued using a number of methods under the income approach to value, depending on the circumstances of the fund, the fund "vintage", the results to date during the life of the fund, and stage of the fund.