Their work has proved especially valuable in providing an appropriate level of support for the annual independent audit of the Fund.

George J. McVey, Jr.
Dynamis Advisors, LLC & IMVA, LLC

Private Companies


Privately held companies require almost all the same fair value estimates that public companies do - as long as their investors or lenders require U.S. GAAP financial statements. In addition, due to the lack of a ready trading market for their shares, private companies and their shareholders require valuations of their own equity for financial reporting, tax, and other reasons. Pluris professionals have significant experience with valuations of private companies for the following purposes:

Due to the heightened scrutiny by the IRS, SEC, and other regulatory agencies, the need for an independent, qualified, and experienced valuation advisor is more important than ever. Within each product group, our robust data and knowledge of closely scrutinized assumptions in the context of regulatory changes are the foundation of our defensible valuations.