Professional and efficient, their proprietary model yielded a thorough and well documented valuation of my student loan auction rate security portfolio...

Bryan Rivers
The Seibels Bruce Group, Inc.



Our experts deliver objective expert testimony in depositions, administrative proceedings, arbitration, or court. Armed with our independent studies and carefully analyzed empirical evidence, we can also provide your client with strategic advice and consulting to assist you in complex negotiations, especially when the goal is to structure a favorable negotiated settlement without incurring the time and expense of a trial. 

For a representative list of client engagements involving business valuation litigation, intellectual property infringement litigation, restricted securities matters, auction-rate securities disputes, and matters involving bankruptcy claims, please see their respective pages in the Assets Valued sections. 

Our track record of successful settlements or judgments for our clients speak to the quality of our research, our clear and convincing expert reports, and our performance "on the stand".